Accelerated Flight Instruction



...Dave was exactly what I was looking for in an instructor...I am a very busy business executive... A day here and there was not going to do it for me...The first lesson is amazing. You know right away that you are in for a special time...This is obviously no ordinary instructor....This man understands busy executives...I particularly appreciated Dave's ability to explain the "why" of things and how things work...His knowledge is encyclopedic...I highly recommend Dave as an instructor.----Luc van Herle, Director of Global Sales & Service KINZE Manufacturing, Inc.



...Dave Lammers taught me to fly on instruments. Dave is the best teacher I have ever had. I got my instrument rating, from start to finish in about 3 weeks...I would highly recommend him.  Louis Andrew, former EAA Chair of the Board. 

Note:  Louie and I were training in his superb Aztec on a bright sunny Tuesday Wisconsin morning, September 11, 2001, when ATC put a hold on our training activity--Dave.


I did a 10 day accelerated instrument rating with Dave Lammers.  Dave's use of the simulator followed by intensive flight training in actual IMC gave me a great deal of real world experience and confidence.  We practiced every procedure on the simulator and flew it in the airplane for real, talking to ATC the whole time.  It was a busy 10 days, but I aced my practical, and more importantly gained a new dimension of safety to my flying.   By filing IFR, I have been able to complete several flights that I never would have considered before getting my Instrument rating
.  Dave Gribble  Engineer / Aircraft Owner (Beech A23-24) / Aircraft Builder (RV-9A)



Dave Lammers is a top notch flight instructor, a true professional and I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone working on or adding a rating, transition or proficiency training...he made me feel very comfortable and at ease during all phases of my flight training, from solo to check ride as well as BFRs after I got my private ticket. I was never intimidated by his teaching methods and he explained things very thoroughly and in an easy to understand manner. Dave truly enjoys instructing and teaching and wants to help, so let him. You will not regret it! 
Jill Schumacher, Manager Event Administration, EAA



...Dave gave me my primary aerobatic training in his Citabria.  I bought a 1980 Super Decathlon in 1992 and still fly that airplane today. Dave made a tailwheel pilot out of me and the confidence in flying that type of airplane made me a better performer in all the other categories of aircraft in my professional flying career as a corporate pilot.  I consider Dave a lifelong friend and supreme mentor
...Jim Bowen  ATP-AS&MEL-CFII Retired Senior Captain Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc.



..Dave’s extensive knowledge, proven methods and professional approach took me from virtually no instrument experience to successful IFR check ride in just eight days. It was rigorous and required my full concentration, but when I was finished, I had the skills and know-how to comfortably fly in any conditions
...David Yeoman, Executive, Rockwell-Collins.

I give Dave my highest recommendation as a flight instructor.  I appreciated his willingness to provide instruction in my high-performance homebuilt.  During my week of high-intensity IFR training, Dave was positive, patient, and calm, yet always enthusiastic and energetic as well as detail oriented, organized, and efficient.  Dave's extensive experience along with his in-depth knowlege of instrument flying made it possible for me to pass my checkride and have confidence in my capabilities.  Justin Fishbaugh, Iowa City, IA

Dave Lammers is the consummate aviation instruction professional.  He motivates his students to excel, knows how to explain any concept in an easily understandable and positive way, and makes learning a pleasure.  I have known Dave for many years as an instructor for my Commercial, Instrument and Aerobatic training, a friend and a Company executive.  I highly recommend him for instructional needs at any level...
Barry A. Brown, Senior Captain, CL-601, CL-605, Rockwell Collins Flight Operations,  Cedar Rapids, Iowa 

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